Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 5/26/17 Edition

May 26, 2017 admin

How to Build a Website People Don’t Want to Leave

When designing your website keep in mind that not all features are necessary and keeping it simple is sometimes better. Take a look at how to build a site that your users wont want to leave. 

Social Media Metrics: How to Choose and Track What Matters

Tracking your social media metrics is key to improving and building a strong social media strategy. Continue reading to see what metrics you should be tracking and paying more attention to. 

3 Simple, But Powerful, Ways to Use Instagram Hashtags for Social Marketing Campaigns

If you’re not seeing the results you want from you Instagram efforts then you might not being using hashtags to their fullest potential. Take a look at these 3 tips to increase brand awareness and drive leads using Instagram hashtags. 

Know Your Limit: The Ideal Length of Every Social Media Post

Trying to create the perfect social media post can be difficult, especially when trying to make sure it fits the right character limit. Read here for tips on how to create the perfect post for all social media channels. 

6 More Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

Social media brings in more traffic to websites than any other form. If social media marketing is still not a part of your budget then continue reading for six reasons why you shouldn’t be ignoring it. 


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