Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 6/2/17 Edition

June 2, 2017 admin

Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research

Using visuals as a part of your social media strategy can be an effective marketing tactic. Take a look at new research that reveals why including visuals in your social media posts is a great idea and insights on what type of graphics are most effective. 


10 Easy Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content

Measuring the effectiveness of your content is important so you can see what is and what is not working with your content marketing strategy. Check out these 10 easy ways to measure your content metrics and improve your content marketing strategy. 


7 Legitimate Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Business

Live streaming is not for every business, but when used properly it can be an effective marketing strategy. Continue reading to see the benefits of using Facebook Live to reach your audience and build your brand. 


How Video Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Using video marketing can be valuable when trying to hold the attention of your viewers. As video viewing trends continue to rise it’s important to switch up your marketing efforts to meet the needs of your audience. Take a look at how using video can boost your marketing strategy. 


6 Critical Social Strategy Mistakes to Avoid 

Having a weak social media marketing strategy has the potential to make or break your business. Continue reading for six critical mistakes to avoid to have a stronger social media strategy. 

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