Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 6/23/17 Edition

June 23, 2017 admin

6 Tips for Designing Highly Effective Facebook Cover Photos

Social media cover photos are usually an after thought for most business owners. However, your Facebook cover photo takes up a huge chunk of space on your business page, and should not be wasted! Check out these tips on how to design an effective Facebook cover photo for you business. 


LinkedIn Adds Extra Insights to ‘Profile Views’ Data, Including Keywords Used to Find You

LinkedIn continues to add new features new the platform to improve the user experience. Take a look at the new insights that can help improve your business strategy. 


Snapchat’s Snap Map plots Stories by location but not ads (yet) 

Snapchat came out with a new feature for users this week to share their location with friends and browse stories based off their location. Take a closer look at the new feature on what this might mean for the ad business. 


Google is Compressing Its Display Ads So Pages Load Faster

Google is looking to improve the quality of online ads, and have recently announced they will be compressing display ads. Read more to see how this new change can help improve your marketing strategy. 


11 Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are only  as good as you make them. Make sure you’re using the most effective approach when running your ads. Take a look at these 11 ways to use Facebook Ads and achieve your goals. 




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