Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 6/9/17 Edition

June 9, 2017 admin

Why ‘Real-Time’ Isn’t Always the Right Time in Social Media Marketing

Is ‘Real-Time’ Marketing in social media a good idea? Many brands have come to found out it’s not as successful as they thought it would be. Continue reading to see why “Real-Time” Marketing isn’t always the right time in social media marketing. 


17 Ways to Get More Views, Engagement, and Shares for Your Facebook Videos

Facebook video is becoming one of the top marketing strategies on social media. Get ahead on this rising trend by looking at these seventeen ways to get more views, engagement, and shares on your Facebook Videos!


How Social Media Marketing Improves Your Google Rank

If you’re looking to boost your search engine ranking then social media marketing is your key to success. Take a look at why social media marketing shouldn’t be ignored when trying to improve your business’ Google ranking. 


4 Reasons Why 76% of Small Businesses Don’t See Positive ROI from Facebook

Reaching your target audience through Social Media Marketing is the most cost effective approach for any business. However, many small businesses aren’t seeing a positive ROI from their efforts. Check out these common reasons for that and how you can prevent this from happening to you. 


How to Protect Your Blog Content From Copyright Infringement 

Protecting your content from being stolen is important considering the amount of time you take to create your original content. If you’re wondering how to respond when your blog content has been copied then check out these tips. 




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