Lindsay’s FAV SEO/SMM Alert – 7/14/17 Edition

July 14, 2017 admin

How to Track Links Shared on Social Media

When you share a link on social media channels, are you able to properly attribute your website traffic to a specific link? Google Analytics can help you understand and analyze referral traffic coming from different social media channels, but can’t distinguish which specific social media links drove the traffic to the site. Continue reading to see how to track the links shared on your social media. 


A/B Testing on Social Media: How to Do it with Tools You Already Have

A/B Testing is a marketing strategy that goes way back and continues to be helpful today. It provides valuable insights about what performs best, so you can make the best decisions moving forward with your marketing strategy. Check out how you can use A/B Testing on social media with the tools you already have. 


Facebook Begins Rolling Out Ads Within Messenger

Facebook is bringing ads to Messenger. What started out as an ad-free app  is now giving brands a way to be front and center with Messenger’s users. Read here to learn more information about what’s to come with this new feature!


Five Ways to Take Advantage of Snapchat’s New Map Feature

For marketers and business owners the new Snap Map feature on Snapchat can be a new tool to use to advertise your business. Here are five things you should be doing with the most recent update to help gain more exposure for your business. 


How to Improve Your Facebook Videos With Facebook Video Insights

If you’re looking to increase engagement, longevity, and exposure of your Facebook videos then take a dive into your Facebook Video Insights. Whether you’re streaming live or recording videos, Facebook provides insights that can help you refine your future videos. Take a look at how to use these insights to improve your Facebook Videos. 


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