Lindsay?s FAV SEO / SMM Alert ? May 27 Edition

May 27, 2016 admin

How to Publish Content on Apple News: A Step-By ?Step Guide

Apple News is a preinstalled app available on devices with the iOS 9 software. Learn how to post your content to spread across Apple devices.

Microsoft Tries Its Hand At A News Bot With Rowe

Microsoft?s News Pro app has added a new bot features called ?Rowe,? who is designated to helping users stay up to date with news and current interests.

How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to Medium

Learn how to upload the word-press called ?Medium? to give your blog a bigger exposure range.

Facebook to Highlight Moments in Archived Facebook Live Videos With Most Engagement

Facebook is preparing a timeline to display posts and Live Videos with the most engagement to help users find more topics of interest.

Has Your Brand Tasted Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the way of the future; has your brand made the change to become more mobile-friendly?

3 Big Changes To Twitter?s Character Count

There are changes coming to Twitter ? including that pesky character limit on tweets. Find out what else is changing on the platform and how to prepare your new Twitter strategy.

Is It Time For A Social Media Purge?

Has your social media accounts become overrun with clutter? Maybe it?s time to clean out the mess to brighten up your social media strategy.

5 Key Lessons To Help Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Posts

Learn about key strategies to utilize on Facebook to connect with a wider audience.

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